Do you feel that your energy is disappearing irreversibly, fatigue is accumulating, body and soul is withering away? Then it's time to slow down. One must know how to relax in order not to be destroyed by the current way of life. Why not use the services of our wellness center? Treat yourself and try a massage, Finnish and tropical sauna or whirlpool. Everything is prepared just for you.


Massages - offer & prices


Outdoor pool with salty water

Slightly salty water in our pool is naturally antiseptic, creating an unfriendly environment for microorganisms that are commonly found in pool water. Unlike in chlorinated water, no allergic reactions occur, on the contrary, the water has a positive effect on the skin similarly to the sea water. In winter it serves as a cooling pool.

Finnish sauna

The fact that sauna is healthy was already known to our ancestors in the 11th century. The sauna thoroughly warms your body. Subsequent perspiration flushes harmful substances from the body, metabolism speeds up and bodily fat is burned! Your immune system gets stronger and the skin becomes fresh and beautiful, which especially women will appreciate.

Air temperature: 80-90 °C, humidity: 5-10%.


Water itself is an excellent means of rehabilitation. Keep in mind that part of an effective massage using jets is also a resting phase, which is used for processing stimuli. It is therefore suitable to relax after staying in the Jacuzzi or have something light to eat. By immersing yourself in the whirlpool bathtub, you will indulge not only in comfort but also in quality lifestyle. Massaging jets guarantee increase in blood circulation to strained muscles throughout the body. In water with temperature around 35 °C, tendons and joints regenerate, the mind relaxes and a pleasant atmosphere is induced.

Tropical salt-herb sauna

The salt-herb sauna has fresh herbs, inhalation of aromatic essences and salt minerals relaxes smooth muscles of the bronchi, breathing gets deeper and the whole organism oxygenates a lot easier. Therapeutic effect is confirmed for many diseases such as asthma, high blood pressure, vascular disease, depression, etc.  You will free yourself from stress and slow aging of your body.

Air temperature: 60-70 °C, humidity: 50-70%.

RESERVATION is necessary

Phone: +420 774 484 002


Public entry into the wellness center:

One-time entrance fee to the wellness center (time for the public according to free capacity) 200 CZK / 8 €


Private use of the entire facility:

Rental of the entire wellness centre (2-10 people) 55 min 990 CZK / 38 €
Rental of the entire wellness centre (2-10 people) 110 min 1390 CZK / 53 €
Private rental every day from 00.00 to 24.00 hours. 
The price includes sheet and towel rental 
Bathrobe rental 70 CZK/ 3 €
Discounted admission: 
Children under 15 (accompanied by an adult) 120 min free
Children under 15 (accompanied by an adult) 60 min free

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